A team of archaeologists under the direction of BU Assistant Professor of Archaeology Michael Danti will partner with educators at Mosul University on an innovative program to revive higher education and cultural heritage management in Iraq. Centered on the study of Iraqi archaeology and culture, the new Mosul University Archaeology Program (MAP) will focus on curriculum development, design and implementation of online courses and real-time video conferences, and cultural study programs in the US and in Iraq. The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

This project is a part of the Iraq University Linking Program (ULP).TheĀ ULP is a three-year project funded by the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad and administered by FHI 360, a global humandevelopment organization. It is designed to facilitate the development of long- term, bilateral partnerships between U.S. and Iraqi universities, including the development of career centers at Iraqi universities to forge relationships between the public, private and academic sectors. The ultimate goal of the ULP is to guide the university partners to establish self-sustaining, mutually beneficial relationships capable of producing enduring change.



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